Since 1786 the KÜHNLE Carriage Manufactory was a company of craftsmen in the 7th generation. The changeover to the production of carriages made in the Black Forest took place in the year 1960. Restoration and reparation of every kind of carriages. To date our carriages are known worldwide for their best quality.

Carriages for training and leisure time


067-KÜHNLE Buggy TU II 19 inches = approx.Ø 64 cm
KÜHNLE D-Haiterbach 137cm
single red/black
foot pedal acting on rear wheels 2
Euro 2.400,--
Comes with dependent single shafts
Brake assembly with foot pedal acting on rear wheels
driver wedge, seat height 135 cm
General good condition.


051-Wagonette-natural-wood wooden 95/115 cm
KÜHNLE D-Haiterbach 148 cm
pair wood stained/black steel parts
rear disc brakes chrome
up from 160 cm Price on demand
Customer carriage - phone +49-174-1966168

4 seater sport and leisure time carriage
equipped with wooden pole.

General good condition.
Customer carriage!
Partner der Kühnle Kutschen-Manufaktur: Dekra VDTÜV und die Deutsche Reiterliche Vereinigung FN