Since 1786 the KÜHNLE Carriage Manufactory was a company of craftsmen in the 7th generation. The changeover to the production of carriages made in the Black Forest took place in the year 1960. Restoration and reparation of every kind of carriages. To date our carriages are known worldwide for their best quality.

Marathon carriages

Marathon carriage K 368-3

010-Marathon-carriage-K368-3 850/50 mm + 750/50 mm
KÜHNLE D-Haiterbach 126 cm
pair approx. 395 kg
black/silver 4 disc brakes
1 chrome
up from approx. 160 cm Euro 12.400,--
Comes with stainless steel pole adjustable in length with pivoted yoke wings
delayed steering ADN
additional foot pedal for turntable brake
swingle tree with even pully system of bars
bucket seat with interior seat springs
General good kept condition!
Partner der Kühnle Kutschen-Manufaktur: Dekra VDTÜV und die Deutsche Reiterliche Vereinigung FN