Since 1786 the KÜHNLE Carriage Manufactory was a company of craftsmen in the 7th generation. The changeover to the production of carriages made in the Black Forest took place in the year 1960. Restoration and reparation of every kind of carriages. To date our carriages are known worldwide for their best quality.

Used carriages

You will all the time find on offer a wide range of used carriages of different models and price classes.

If you plan to acquire a second hand carriage, before the purchase, it is absolutely recommendable to talk to a competent adviser about the intended use in order to find the right and suitable model. The KÜHNLE carriage manufactory offers you all at the same time: competent advice and technical revised second hand carriages. We talk with you about the right carriage regarding hitching and height of the pony or horse. With our carriages you will experience a safe driving feeling on each ground due to the many years of experience in KÜHNLE carriage technology. Whether you will acquire a second hand KÜHNLE marathon carriage, an elegant KÜHNLE dressage carriage type Spider, Show-Phaeton, Break, Dogcart, Wagonette, Linzerwagen or hunting carriage with KÜHNLE you will always be on the safe side. You will find used carriages for training or leisure time driving to a favourable price as well as used carriages in the higher price ranges. Whether for single horse, pair or four-in-hand our carriages are all technically revised and damages to the paintwork are repaired.

We will be always pleased to help you in finding the ideal used carriage for your purposes. Please be so kind and make an appointment with us.

Your KÜHNLE team

Carriages for dressage

Carriages for marathon

Carriages for training & leisure time

Ancient carriages


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