Since 1786 the KÜHNLE Carriage Manufactory was a company of craftsmen in the 7th generation. The changeover to the production of carriages made in the Black Forest took place in the year 1960. Restoration and reparation of every kind of carriages. To date our carriages are known worldwide for their best quality.

Restoration and servicing of ancient carriages.

For centuries carriages are recognized and demanded as historico-cultural asset already for a long time. Authentic restorations that is to secure the preservation of the originality is a matter close to our heart.

On close examination of the present substances we work out a plan concerning the procedure of the restoration process taking under consideration customer’s designated objectives. We decide on an individual basis which parts are absolutely worth to be preserved and which ones will have to be substituted and reproduced according to the ancient original. We work together with experienced local partners which we already know for many years regarding the refurbishment of interior fittings, hoods and paint removal. Our main goal besides the repair of the functionality of the ancient carriages, however, remains to preserve the readability of the original.

Another field of activity of KÜHNLE carriage manufactory is to manufacture pure reproductions the so called replica of historic ancient carriages and vehicles. Here we reproduce carriages according to original carriages or also photos. Remarkable samples are the reproduction of the first motorcycle, replica of the first motor driven carriage, replica of the first motor driven lorry and omnibus for the Daimler museum. All these vehicles can be visited in the new museum in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim.

Your KÜHNLE team

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